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Leech Brothers by Mel

Watch out for the 'Leech brothers'. These particular brothers LOVE to live off sisters. They have no ambition and will purposely try to get you pregnant if you allow them to. They mostly like to target sisters who have their act together or those who sadly believe they can mold him into a responsible man. Be mindful of a brother who always pitches a sob story about his life, refuse to improve himself, has no car, no place of his own, no job, etc.


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Weak Brothers by Mel

When women sense weakness in their men, especially when they act needy, fearful and insecure, they typically will back away. A weak man has weak principles, weak morals, and no backbone. A woman simply cannot trust a man like this. Because weak men have difficulty getting their own needs met they won’t be able to meet the needs of those dependent on them. So if you're one of those men who ALWAYS agree or change your opinion to please her then non-verbally you're displaying weakness. Change your mindset.

Don't Ruin a Good Thing by Mel

Good men and women are out there but it all starts with YOU, your way of thinking and how you carry yourself. If you don’t change your mindset you will continue to be attracted to losers, users, and abusers.  Ask yourself, do your actions show how you expect to be treated?  Are you willing to make your needs known?  When you don't self-reflect it will create a false belief that good men and women don’t exist and you will continue to miss out on people who possess integrity, treat you with respect and show you love on a consistent basis.