Sunday, November 6, 2016

Self-Reflect and Accept Change By Mel

I NEVER understand why people are so desperate to get into a relationship without focusing on themselves.  Cuffing season has become the new norm in today's dating age and no wonder why there are so many incomplete relationships.  Shortcomings are bound to happen when you put in shortcoming efforts which equals shortcoming's not rocket science.  When people market themselves in a particular way by showing their romantic side or being independent it is completely opposite when they are in a relationship.  For example, they unleash their bag of unlucky charms which cursed them from their last relationship hoping that their significant other will accept them.  Nine out of 10 that rarely happens and I will explain why.  Deceitful people brush their advertising promos underneath the rug and show who they truly are with nasty characteristic traits like clinginess, non-trustworthy ways and possessiveness.  By not practicing what you preach can turn off your significant other and you may end up losing a good man or woman because YOU have not evolve your way of thinking.  First, you must forgive the person who hurt you in your previous relationship which therefore allows you to focus on yourself.  Once you focus on yourself and convert your unlucky charms to lucky charms then like-minded, mature, family oriented people will become attracted to you.  It's human nature to want to be around ambitious, happy, confident people.  With this new mindset you will begin to not only prosper in your relationship but also it will effect other areas in your life in a positive way.

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