BE who you ARE, not who the World wants you to BE By Mel

Life is full surprises.  When you’re out there in the field you get a sense that all eyes are on you.  That oil to your engine is confidence.  Every ounce in your body engages you to stay well groomed, sell your image, build your vocabulary and practice on your art or goals in life.  That’s a very attractive trait to have and I will tell you why.  The love you put inside yourself shines externally which creates this invisible aura.  It creates offensive projections defined as the way you carry yourself or how you interact with people combine with defensive measures such as keeping your guard up and not allowing people to take advantage of you.  We all have our moments when we navigate in unfamiliar territory.  For example, giving your time and effort to someone who shortchanged you or getting laid off from a promising career just because you challenged the status quo.  Sometimes you feel betrayed but let me share something with you.  To succeed in life you must fail at first.  This will make you work ten times harder to reach your goals and better yet analyze your misstep to avoid the same mistakes.  There will be people who will look up to you and there will be people who will look down on you.   Life is full of surprises, but if you have a dream to fulfill make it your goal to turn your perception into reality.    


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    1. Thanks Arthur. No matter what the challenge is you just have to believe in yourself to reach your goal.


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