Friday, March 17, 2017

Pursuit Indicator By Mel

I knew this fellow brother who’s been single for a very long time.  Has a great career yet does not have a companion by his side.  I noticed, whenever he sees a beautiful woman he gets excited (like a little boy in the candy store).  Listen he said to himself that he is tired of being solo.  A few reasons why he’s been solo for a very long time is related to his approach structure and preconceived notion of chasing a woman until she changes her mind and settles down with him.  It was this one woman who was not interested he found very attractive that he felt she was the one for him.  At first he would buy her gifts, give her money but overtime it went from stage green (chasing) to stage yellow (desperation) to stage red (stalking).  I mean, my brother was showing up at her job announced.  Driving passed her gym to see if she’s available.  That’s what I call the Pursuit Indicator and also that’s a sign you sisters should look out for as well.  After stage red she decided to get a restraining order on him.  My thought on this matter is that you don't want to be like this brother.  Chasing is a sign of desperation and shows a woman that you do not value yourself.  Some brothers are superficial and will allow some women to be disrespectful towards them or continue to be rejected.  In a woman's eyes this shows you as less desirable.  That's why I believe it should be mutual efforts on both ends meaning both parties should pour in equal energy.  Change your mindset.
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