Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cosmetic Politicians By Mel

This generation seems to be drawn into the Hollywood land where propaganda rules everything.  Those who have no media literacy cannot tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction which can have dire consequences in our society.  Back then, TV was used as a medium to educate the masses, now cosmetic appearance replaced real base information.  It has even selected our new president Donald Trump.  This is why you must read between the lines when you are focus on the media.  One of my favorite movies which explained this theory pretty well is titled, “The Matrix” where the character Neo’s mind is imprison within an artificial reality.  I feel the same logic applies in today’s society because people now based their actions off of emotions instead of thinking things through.  I will give you an example, last year’s election quite honestly was based off of emotion.  Today’s politicians disregard issues affecting the American people.  What these slimy worms used in placed are slogans to build a strong rapport to disengage the public thought process.  It is a very manipulative way to obtain and remain in power.  This is why it is so important to educate yourself and understand our laws that may affect your way of living.  Most people try to get all philosophical about withholding their vote which is such a poor lazy excuse to challenge the system.  In order to change the game you have to participate in the game, plain and simple.  Work on educating yourself and stop allowing the media to deceive you.   

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