Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Media Replace Old Ideas By Mel

Even though the printing press reinforced individualism and changed the structure of thinking I believe the internet made more of a cultural impact around the globe.  Most newsworthy content are display on Facebook, Twitter and every other social media outlet you can think of.  Organizations understand this format which is why heavy reputable corporations such as CNN, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal include this high technological structure to their system.  Institutions sole purpose is to make financial profit so it makes sense to converge the internet with their journalistic format.  The internet is most likely available everywhere, you can gain access to it on your smart phone, tablet, computer or even your game console just to name a few.  Information is within your grasp in a matter of seconds compare to obtaining a newspaper or magazine, seriously who wants to wait until your newspaper is deliver.  Observing written word content forces your mind to focus on information which makes you more advance.  Reading books is like you are feeding yourself knowledge minus the glut irrelevant ads provided to you from the internet.  The internet not only provides you with information but also with commercials marketing their brand for you to buy their product.  It is not to say that books and magazines are becoming obsolete because you cannot get a whole story from Twitter or Facebook in 140 characters.  Yes the internet is more universal but the danger it poses towards this generation is overexposure.  Also, serious concerns and the danger it can present are sexual contents which presents a cause-effect relationship between individual behaviors and social norms.  For example, a celebrity who a child looks up to performs and dress in a very sexual way can encourage kids that it is acceptable.  They imitate behaviors from shows that you can see from Netflix from online can make it more acceptable.  Sex education sadly is not being taught from some parents and most kids learn about sex from the internet, I know some kids 10 and up who have access to smart phones that can access this information.  The internet is making a strong impact on our cultural which is now considered a global village.

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