Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thirsty Jokers NEED to Quench their Thirst By Mel

Here is a very critical rule when you first meet a woman…be confident in ALL your well-being.  The reason why confidence is such a key factor verbally and non-verbally is because it displays self-assurance from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities.  In the modern era, Thirsty Jokers approach women from the physical aspect instead of the mental aspect.  Women are very observable and will be impress with how you carry yourself including your body language and conversation.  However, Thirsty Jokers comes in many forms whether it is the one you see when the club is over then without hesitation proceeds to grabs a woman’s arm without properly introducing himself and labels her “Shorty”, or instant messaging a woman on social media constantly with sexual dialogue.  If this is YOU then please stop and Man-up! Real good quality women don’t need to do much to attract men.  All they have to do is look good and dress nice.  While some women enjoy this power they have over Thirsty Brothers, real good quality women get bored by the whole thing.  They want a challenge; they want a Man who will appreciate them for WHO they are on the inside and not just how they look on the outside.  Are you up for the challenge?  If your answer is yes then welcome to the unknown land of confident men.   Here are some examples on what not to do and how to change your mindset.

Social Media Stalkers
Posting sexual comments or your phone number for the whole world to see to gain a Woman’s attention is a huge turn off.  Know the difference between giving a compliment and acting desperate.  A compliment is a polite expression.  Acting desperate is craving for attention in an annoying way.  Learn to work on your grammar and communication skills and post positive messages on social media instead of lustful negative comments.  If you had a negative experience then post on what not to do or how you turn it around.  I would even advise not to shower a woman with multiple outside appearance compliments and instead shower her with substance compliments.  Substance compliments are those qualities underneath her stunning beauty.  You will then build a reputation of respect on social media and also separate yourself from the countless Social Media Stalkers drooling over beautiful women.  As I mentioned earlier, women are observable.

Criteria Check List
I understand as Men, we are very visual beings and we view women differently compare to how they view us.  However, you should NEVER continuously chase a Woman who is not interested in you based on her stunning looks.  Change your gambling mentality or else she will suck up all your emotional and financial resource or worse take advantage of you.   Make sure she is qualified, compatible and most of all interested in you before you are interested in her.  Finally, you also have to make sure you are constantly improving yourself as a Quality Man.  Queens are only attracted to Kings, not Thirsty Peasants.

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