Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let's Make Music Great Again By Mel

Music serves as a great stress reducer, uplifting and can be used as an educational source.  Real Music is the careful arrangement of organized sounds in the form of notes that then result in a smooth blend of rhythm, tone, and pitch that when united, is quite pleasing to the ear.  With everything in life there are two sides to a spectrum and in this case music can be a positive force or a negative influence.  Good music can also be translated into positive way of life while negative music can encrypt codes to behave in a reckless manner.  Here are a few examples.

Music Soothes your Soul

For example, playing live music to hospital patients can help lower their blood pressure and reduce depression and anxiety, research suggests.  The results of the study being carried out at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London will be used to press the case for music and visual arts to be included in the budget for all new hospitals which is a great idea.  Dr. Benjamin Carson who is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon plays classical music when he operates.  Physical Wellness programs such as C.A.M.P. (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential) an Arizona hospital reports better technical studies of patients who listen to sounding music during pre-treatment testing.  They use Ocean Dreams a mellow harmony to soothe some of their most troubled children.

Brainwashing your Soul, Negative Music

Sometimes music is both uninspiring and generally counterproductive to the “good of the order.”  For example, Hip-Pop Music (sometimes) can be harmful and a dangerous factor to American civilization because the colossal scourge equates (in innocent adolescent minds) that  adventure sadly equals thugs and drugs, that freedom is social anarchy and that love is the same thing as sex.  Hip-Hop Music back then was the complete opposite promoting stop the violence messages, creativity world play using extensive vocabulary and educating history which is not taught in schools.  Today mostly Hip-Pop Music promotes negative and pessimistic views of American culture along with perpetuating anti-social attitudes.  Certain songs played all across the radio station secretly encrypt codes in a child’s brain and usually children emulate these celebrities.  Sources of information, actions and results are directly observable but one, the goal, is only inferable.  If there is not a strong parent in the household who has media literacy skills then this generation is lost.  So for those in the music industry please think try to see the overall picture of your talent and put it to a good cause.

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