Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Small Glimpse into the Political Gun Landscape By Mel

This year is very important to VOTE.  Instead of paying attention to your latest ratchet shows on TV or enjoying your vacations certain issues will be decided and it’s critical for you to be involve.  With all these recent shootings some sort of comprehensive measure should be done about gun control.  According to a recent study from USA Today examined by FBI data, “77% of mass killings involve a gun.  But killers also have used everything from their hands to saws to baseball bats.  Nearly one-third of victims were under age 18.”  This staggering number represents that a change is needed in our current system.  Of course the NRA will deflect any reason to make a change.  They represent the status quo and use the second amendment as a way to justify that guns are necessary.  In my view the reason why they refuse to make any changes is basically for profit.  Money can be a blessing and if our current system invests more into normal comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes it will stop guns from falling into the wrong hands.  USA Today also further stated, “The FBI counted 172 cases of mass killings between 2006 and 2011.”  A very astonishing number and unfortunately many police departments across the nation don’t even submit all their crimes, or they mislabel them so they are not categorized correctly.  It is clear that we as a nation must solve this problem and structure a national plan of action that puts our priorities first and foremost.  I am so tired of hearing victims getting murder everyday by gun violence especially minorities.  This November 2016 let’s Make America Think Again.

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