Sunday, June 5, 2016

Reality Shows Display Reality Savages By Mel

Most people find it fascinating to watch the modern stereotype of minorities using violence as a way to prove their point of view.  You have whiny men backstabbing each other, beautiful women ripping each other hairs out over small disagreements and a lack of faithful relationships.  In case you haven’t noticed, the fameless will act a fool to become famous and the already famous will act a fool for bigger checks.  The media in my view does not have a delicate balance of educational and entertainment shows like it use to.  People who are truly experiencing infidelity and living paycheck to paycheck need more exposure of positive messages from the media.  However, almost every channel shows a lack of substance to these Reality Savages who in a heartbeat will trade in their integrity for money.  It is unfortunate because these Reality clowns are not aware that their action affects the general public, especially those within the inner city.  It’s like lead poisoning dripping from a water faucet and we have to be ones to turn it off.  Here are some examples on how Reality Savages affects society.

The Floyd Mayweather Treatment

Violence and manipulation is not an example of a classy woman.  Also my fellowmen, raw masculinity does not mean to engage physically over a small dispute.  These immature tactics should be adult conversations on how to solve the problem instead of creating an even bigger one.

Your Main Meal now comes with a Side Piece

Today’s reality shows sends a clear message that it is okay to be disloyal to your loving significant other. Even worse, some find it acceptable to be a side piece because they are afraid to be alone.  I cannot emphasize this enough; having side pieces affects you mentally and physically.  On a mental level, you have to juggle different personalities which sometimes can be chaotic.  On a physical level, if you are not careful you may get an STD or become a parent to someone who is not compatible with you in a lasting relationship.  Don't allow these reality shows to become your reality.

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