Thursday, May 19, 2016

Be A Voice for the Voiceless By Mel

I once knew a co-worker who experienced employee crisis working for Comcast; one of the leading cable industries in the United States.  He was my mentor who had a great reputation who won countless awards for his hard work.  Unfortunately, he was laid off unexpectedly.  Some would say it was politically motivated because within the corporate world some will sabotage your good work ethic just to move ahead.  For his reputation I will name him Bob for this working assignment, this unlikely turn of events shocked fellow co-workers.  I used to explain to Bob that people within his circle were jealous of him, they envied his success.  Little did Bob know he never prepared himself for the worst outcome.  We were both in the sales department and it was critical to sell triple play bundles as much as possible.  Bob was accused of personal conflict of interest within the organization which claimed someone who he knew was personally providing him with sale leads.  That same day Bob was called into the office in which the Sales Manager gave him two options.  Either he stays while they do an investigation to see what else transpired after they accused him or he can be fired on the spot.  Bob was between a rock and a hard place.  I advised him to get a lawyer because this is not the first time a huge corporation laid off a good hardworking individual who never received a raise.  There are countless Americans out there who can relate to the same story.  For example when Enron took millions away from hard working people, the ones who struggle financially from that crisis provided the most compelling stories which destroyed Enron’s reputation forever.  Brad Phillips also mentions, “As you might imagine, it’s challenging for companies to appear as sympathetic as an individual victim.”  I believe if Bob would have taken these valuable steps he could have saved his job instead of choosing to leave the company but he was afraid he did not have a voice to combat a huge corporation such as Comcast.  Now the person who had accused him replaced him with someone who they gave a raise to and within six months they are training him to become a supervisor.  Do not let this happen to you.

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