Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blood means you’re RELATED, it doesn’t mean you’re FAMILY By Mel

What’s the definition of family?  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary it means a group of persons of common ancestry.  This affiliation is true however, just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you’re family.  My definition of family is a tight knit bond among groups of people who are very supportive, love you unconditionally, not judgmental and influence positive aspects in your life.  When you have the opposite side effect in a family, this causes an individual to become a Lone Wolf.  A Lone Wolf is one who does not allow anyone in their family to control their life.  One who has survival instincts in the world and is very responsible.  One who has pride and continues to improve their life on a daily basis.   When family members are negative this can cause a Lone Wolf to become stronger and not rely on their hypocritical blood affiliation.  I truly believe that Lone Wolves have the most amazing stories of overcoming challenging obstacles in their lives pertaining to negative treatment from their family members.  For example Charlize Theron who played in “Mad Max: Fury Road” overcame a difficult childhood which made her stronger to become a famous actress. Charlize’s father was an alcoholic who abused and cheated on her mother for years.   Her mother shot her father when he tried to attack her.  This left a permanent mark on her life based on the negative effect within her family.  However, on the universal scale a Lone Wolf like Charlize who experienced negative reaction from her family in the past transformed her current life into a positive experience.  In theory, Negative energy is devoured by Positive energy which creates an external confidence shield surrounding a Lone Wolf in any environment.  This aura attracts new affiliations with people who have common loving characteristics that a family should have.  When you have family members with unrelated common characteristics based on negative behavior keep your distance from them at ALL costs.  Here are some examples of negative family member’s characteristics.

Being Judgmental
1.     Family members who are quick to judge your flaws yet they have skeletons in their own closet is a nasty trait to have.  For example, they may judge your relationship knowing that you are going through ups/downs with your significant other and are quick to criticize you.  Even if you try to better your situation they are quick to put you down despite the fact they have been in worse relationships.   Remember, those who point their finger at you are pointing three fingers back on themselves. 

Being Hypocritical
2.     These are the two-tone face family members who smile in your face and stab you right behind your back.  This trait can cause a complete breakdown in the family structure because if a family member does not agree with your point of view then your personal information can be used as a weapon against you.  Long-term repercussions can occur and lives can be ruin.  Be mindful of these family members and love them at a distance.  Don’t feed into their drama.  Continue to be the best person you can be.

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