Wednesday, January 6, 2016

United States of Ideas, Stop the Bickering By Mel

American ideals consist that everyone is entitle to receive equal opportunity to be successful in this country.  An American ideal boils down to ideology.  For example if you are a Democrat you may favor Labor Unions, affirmative action and Plan Parenthood compare to Republican ideology in which you may favor less government and a strong military.  No matter what your ideology is some people unfortunately are held back for a number of reasons to be successful.  It can be your sex gender, color of your skin or your religious beliefs just to name a few.  Our philosophy should be a combination between the two ideologies because there are so many different backgrounds, cultural and ethnicities which makes our country so great.  One example would be to maintain a strong military presence in the world while we continue to invest more into our educational programs without discrimination.  A better education equals a great career, while a strong military will keep us safe from international threats.  However in order to be strong internationally we have to be strong domestically. 

The problem today is our financial sector in this country still remains predatory in nature.  Greed has become the “new” ideology.  We can take a look at the “Occupy Wall Street” a group of protesters who believe it is not right for the top 1 percent to control 99 percent of the wealth in this country.  This is the land of opportunity, freedom and justice for all, not the land to take advantage of people; clear out their 401K account then lay off hardworking employees to ship their job overseas to gain more profit on cheap labor.  Our next president should be able to combine both ideologies to make our country whole again.

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