Thursday, January 28, 2016

Relationships are HUGE Investments NOT Hobbies By Mel

There are a lot of components to maintain a strong relationship with your significant other.   Unlike previous generations this millennium era has a lot of negative influence partially due to advance technology and media which can influence behavior in relationships.  There are myriad ways we could illustrate the complexity of today’s relationships.   You must have a system of understanding as well as strong communication between both individuals.  When a lack of communication is broken sometimes your partner may say irrational meanings especially in all areas in your relationship where you have been loyal, supportive, understanding and caring.   This usually occurs during a low point in your relationship and if you BOTH don’t have complicated thinking to solve complicated problems then your relationship investment will drain itself down the toilet.  What do I mean by Relationship Investments?  I am referring to spending quality time with that person, getting to know their family and learning from them are a few examples.  However, in this ever changing landscape of advance technology and negative media influence, maintaining a strong foundation is very challenging.  Here is one example you must avoid to maintain a strong relationship.

Celebrity syndrome:   The appropriate role and content on television presents life realistically or idealistically.  For example, a celebrity Hip-Hop star such as Soulja Boy mistreating his woman by sleeping with countless others and has a high EAIQ (emotional awareness IQ) define as not able to control his temper sends a negative message.  This message trickles down to the masses of uneducated men, especially those who are fatherless and was never taught on how to treat a woman like a queen.  Those who have low media literacy begin to imitate what they see on television and listen to what they hear in today’s music industry.  Millennium R&B artists’ materials are mostly based on infidelity and low jabbing their partner to the point that her self-esteem is beyond repair.  Women who witness this sort of treatment as well begin to accept this as the norm and imitate the role of the victim.  They fall into the trap that it is okay to be with a man who is not ambitious, hot temper and disrespectful.  

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