Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tim Wise and Income Inequality By Mel

Tim Wise, an anti-racism activist and writer mentioned that every incident has a predicate.  Income Inequality is tied more towards minorities because the ugly truth is the dominant Whites in today’s society always have privilege benefits.  Powerful conservative forces are the protectors of the status quo and insist that wealth stays in the hands of the private sector and wealthy class.  They oppose government policies and programs that hint at the redistribution of public and private resources to benefit Blacks.  As Tim Wise argued, we are living in a Snap Chat nation because mostly Whites want to forget about slavery and other harmful things done towards minorities.  Tim wise illustrated the world we live in compare to the Sci-Fi movie The Matrix based on Neo’s decision to take the blue pill which represented a simulated comfortable world or the red pill which represented the real world of physical and emotional abuse based on their uniqueness.   He further explained that America has an identity function when compared to this amazing film. The mainstream media is sometimes part of the simulated world when they misrepresent those who combat income inequality, Black poverty or police brutality.  For example, in my previous blog I mentioned Bishop John Selders, Jr. who is a part of Black Lives Matter.  Fox News may label Bishop John Selders as a bigot and frame Black Lives Matter as an unstable, dangerous group where as they are an activist group protesting against the mistreatment of Black Americans and police brutality.   When I listened to Tim Wise he informed his fellow White Americans that the reason why Black Americans are afraid of the police because in America’s early days police were the slave patrols.  They would lynch African Americans during picnics and sold their body parts as trophies.  Within my generation minorities are not in tune with politics, which allows Whites to used this to their advantage to vote for someone who represents their interest to keep benefits and resources in their group.  This furthers widens the gap between the rich and the poor.  It is amazing how evident this is as Tim Wise pointed out that six heirs of Walmart have a combined wealth of 127 million African Americans in our country.  We have Walmart which is the wealthiest corporation according to Tim Wise and paying their employees little to non-livable wages.  Those same employees take advantage of Walmart’s Snap Benefits or Food Stamps not knowing that it goes back into Walmart making them even wealthier.  My recent research according to the Pew Research Center explained, “In 2010, all Black men were six times as likely as all White men to be incarcerated in federal, state or local jails.”  Tim Wise enhanced this argument that for the past 10 years about 1.6 million Black people are walking around with criminal records because of the disproportion laws pitted against Blacks and other minorities.  I agree with Mr. Wise because Blacks with criminal records cannot get a good job with a livable wage or a college degree with a better education, which keeps benefits, wealth and resources towards the White dominant group.  When you get a chance please read Tim Wise book, Dear White People.

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