Monday, October 12, 2015

Hip-Hop Music Always Gets A Bad Rap By Mel

Hip-Hop music is a positive influence and educational in today’s generation.  Despite the negative comments from critics, Hip-Hop has a positive vibe that links a connection with the community and is marketed in an optimistic way towards today’s youth.   To many, Hip-Hop is an inspiration and motivation to overcome life’s obstacles.  One great example on how Hip-Hop uplifts the community is Urban Art Beat NYC/ The Positive Pulse of Youth Education which is located in South Bronx NY.  According to Urban Art Beat NYV over 67% of the students remain in the program for 2 or more seasons compared to 47% average retention rate for NYC public school’s minority youth.  What’s unique is that this form of music associates itself with all genres of music which is relatable to all walks of life.

·        Hip-Hop music creates jobs

·        Educates the youth on street and book smarts

·        Goes beyond the color spectrum and brings all cultures together.
The Disney Channel which is owned by Disney-ABC Television Group has incorporated Hip-Hop in a positive light to their demographic from younger children to older teenagers and adults.  “Let it Shine” a Disney Original Hip-Hop movie was tied as the top-rated cable original Friday night, earning a 0.9 rating along with ESPN’s US Open coverage from  Amanda Kondolojy who posted an article in TV By the numbers on June 18th, 2012.  From an educational stand point it also teaches young entrepreneurs on how to build wealth in a business like setting.  Successful Hip-Hop entrepreneurs have reaped the rewards by creating clothing lines, colon and scholarships for the less fortunate.  The reason why Hip-Hop music gets such a bad rap is because the negative side gets heavily promoted by the industry.    

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