Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Pursuit of YOUR Happiness By Mel

Will Smith played Chris Gardner; a struggling father who was in a slow down market to sell portable bone-density scanners began to feel the effect of income inequality.  At the early stage of his marriage both him and his wife worked hard for a living but their wages were stagnated.  This cause a rift in their marriage as his wife felt that she was taking on too much financial responsibility and therefore she left him and their son.   However, Chris had a gift; he was always good at Math which prompted him to try out for a position as an intern stockbroker.  Unfortunately, this was an unpaid intern and he had to compete with 20 others to get this position.  What I admire about Chris is that he was a single father who did not receive any handouts from the government or assistance from his friends.   His struggle became his strength which helped him to accomplish his position in the financial world today.  A man in this position should not be going through circumstances such as the IRS garnishing unpaid income taxes or becoming homeless with his son which occurs to so many others in this country.   Thank goodness Chris did not sell drugs to get back on his feet because in his case some people in the urban city hustle because there are not enough financial options to choose from.  For example, two of the biggest employers in the urban city are Walmart and McDonald’s which should be paying their employees MORE.  Chris is a great example on how you can pursue your happiness through hard work and live comfortably based on something you love to do.

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