Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Pack of Thirsty Wolves By Mel

Dogs will always be dogs.  They are disguise in sheep’s clothing looking for their next prey and if you are a woman who does not have enough knowledge to protect yourself then you may become the next victim.  Dogs can come in many different forms.  Here are a couple of examples.

·        Wolves:  These are the type of dogs who are savages.  Very aggressive and thirsty men who will constantly ask you out even though you are not interested.  The type of man who would try to talk to you even if you are pregnant.  Beware, wolves usually run in packs and they sometimes would say insane comments on your Face Book wall or flood your timeline with immature proactive pictures.  They are very thirsty creatures.

·        Domestic dogs: These particular dogs can be loyal if fed and taken care of.  They are very friendly and in fact will be by your side to a certain extent.  They require a lot of attention.  However, unlike wolves they can sometime pretend to be good companions until they turn on you for a better companion.

Wolves and Domestic Dogs can detect a weak minded woman a mile away.  One popular territory they like to roam is the night clubs ambushing their preys in and out the venue.  They have excellent peripheral vision and sense of smell which allows them to spot a woman in a half-naked outfit across the room tipsy from the alcohol she just had.   This gives them the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their prey and next thing you know they are off to his place.   Domestic Dogs on the other hand are so well trained that they will say and do just about anything for a quick snack.  They become clingy and sometime get very territorial so be careful.  My advice would be to keep it classy when it comes to the way you dress.  These animals are drawn to skin so the more expose you are the thirstier they will become.   Lastly, carry yourself in a very mature manner.  

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