Monday, June 22, 2015

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later By Mel

Nasir Jones contagious hook on his God Son album, “They shooting made you look” describes the nature that some hot tempered people feel when they are pressure into a physical confrontation.  This generation gets the notion from the media that it is okay to carry a weapon for protection to use for aggression.   The Hip-Hop culture which I refer to as “Underground CNN” gives the average listener a glimpse into street life, poverty and peer pressure.  Sadly, the younger generation cannot tell facts from fiction in which the mainstream media constantly promotes ratchet behavior on a regular basis.  Boys think it is cool to be a thug and girls think it is cool to be ratchet period.  Thugs believe it is okay to hustle which means get money by any means necessary.  This mind frame attracts some selfish women who believe that as long as they are taken care of financially, they do not care who else gets hurt in the process.  No matter what the circumstances are, hurting other people in your community based off of money is no excuse.  The ‘powers that be’ purposely box the mind of a guidable individual to use weapons as a means to resolve issues.  It is even worse when drug dealer’s claims real estate or street corners they feel they own are a cornerstone to their business and when threaten they will steal and kill.  In reality it is a cornerstone to insert mayhem into their community.  This divide and conquer strategy have some individuals to believe that the corner blocks they fight over illegally is their property.  On the outside looking in ‘the powers that be’ remain on top of the financial food chain because legally they do own properties, sell stocks and own businesses.  They do not have to worry about going to jail or worrying if their competitor will come blasting them with automatic weapons.  You do not see Apple murdering Samsung employees over territory because they own their business or phone products because they sell them legally.   Some legislation laws are purposely created to keep drugs such as weed illegal to sell in most states because they want certain individuals to go to jail.  Ironically some prescriptions such as Crestor, Viagra and others are commercialized as helpful products for the ‘powers that be’ to sell to the masses yet they have dangerous side effects.   These men and women understand the rules of the game and it is about time we should to.

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