Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Journey Continues (Part 3) By Mel

My plan for the future is to continue to promote positive single fathers in my community and beyond.  I believe that the majority of the public would like a positive picture on fathers in today’s society.  I will also begin to set-up even more meetings during the summer and hopefully I will gain better progress.  Part of these meetings is to come up with some solutions for single active fathers.  Discuss ways to spend more time with their children, how to obtain governmental assistance and job training to better opportunities which will help them raise their child in a better environment.  I will continue to post blogs on single positive fathers and use social media to bring this discussion to the forefront.  I will continue to go to social functions and encourage people to check out my blog or to come to one of my schedule meetings.  Maybe arrange for us single fathers to have a day we all spend time with our children and do engaging activities.  For example, we all go to Six Flags New England or go hiking to make our bonds even stronger with our children.  I am open for more ideas to help positive single fathers for future projects because miss free throws are better than taking no free throws.  

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