Saturday, December 6, 2014

False Advertising By Mel

Sometimes when we come across someone who we are extremely attracted to we subconsciously do not reveal who we truly are.  This is what I call "False Advertising" which means pretending to be someone else to appeal to a person who you are attracted to.  This all goes back to low-confidence because most men who discover to their own delight that if a beautiful female shows a little bit of friendliness he assumes that she is highly attracted to him.  With no rapport building to see if they have some sort of emotional connection he then abandons his self-identity just to please her.  This is where he gives his power away based alone on visual aspect without this woman even putting minimal effort in to show she is interested in him. Little Trey's logical mind instantly goes into character mode.  For example, he begins to text her non-stop with little to no feedback or purchasing expensive flowers every day delivered to her job.  Sadly, this technique is often dangerous for a few reasons.


1.  Desperation:  First she will view him as someone who is "nice" to view him now as someone who is "thirsty."

2.  Money hungry: If she is a gold digger she can easily reap all the benefits/rewards without putting any effort in.

3. Crack in the shield: Most men who put themselves in this stupid position are in danger of getting their feelings hurt.  Tears of joy are replaced with tears of pain soaking in their cushy pillow.

Don't let this be you!  If she cannot accept you for you then completely move on to someone who will.  A woman who is mentally and physically attracted to you will show you she is interested instead of playing mind games.  A real woman is not flatter by your material possession; she is flatter on how you carry yourself.  A real woman is flatter with your integrity, your character and dignity.  Those who enter into a relationship base on "False Advertising" are wasting their precious time.  The relationship may last for a short period until you both show your true colors and all hell breaks loose.  Avoid this method of seducing women at all cost.

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  1. Great job once again. So many people experience this. One should never pretend to be something he or she is not. Your true self will show in the end.