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So Fresh and So Clean By Mel

As a man it is very important to have a unique style of dressing whether it is professional, churchy or casual just to name a few can express your characteristics.  A confident man understands that you dress for success to impress yourself and no one else.  You have to picture yourself that you are a product package design to sell yourself within the World we live in today because let’s face it, the world revolves around selling.  Appropriate dressing is also a way of expressing respect for the situation and the people in it. Your dress attire can be design to sell yourself to a gorgeous female or a dream job to get your foot in the door to have a long lasting career.  Here are some tips that can help sharpen your wardrobe even if you have a limited amount of outfits.

Ball up a plastic bag and stuff it deep within your sneaker/shoe to the very tip to keep it nicely shape.
This technique is what keeps your footwear from collapsing.  The moment you strap them on no matter what activity is being conducted throughout the day puts pressure on your sneakers/shoes which means overtime they will begin to show some wear and tear.  Not only will the plastic bag put within your footwear will help retain their original shape but also the box they came in can protect them from the dust swarming in your closet.  If this happens make sure you use disinfectant towels to gently wipe across the bottom sole and other areas you seem fit.  Try doing this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.   For example, I still have a pair of all white Nike Air Force Ones a year old that still look new till this day.  Also, females are more observant then men.  April D. stated in her previous blog that usually the first portion of your design package a woman looks at is your sneaker/shoe game.  It is very critical to stay on point when it comes to your footwear.

Wear jeans/pants that can fit you.
I cannot stress this enough and some people may think it is a generational fashion difference but wearing your bottom wear below your ankles is very disrespectful.  What woman would want to see a man’s dirty draws?  There’s even a deeper meaning to this aspect.  Allowing your pants to sag is related to prisoners who weren’t allowed to have belts in jail to prevent self-harm or infliction on others.  This also relates to blacks who were enslaved were denied belts for fear they would aid in escape.  Today’s generation is full of clones replicating their celebrity role model not knowing the negative drawback from this distasteful fashion trend.  Real women are attracted to men who wear jeans/pants that are well iron and most importantly fit their body size correctly. 

Wear a watch and a nice pair of glasses.
This means you have respect for time.  It doesn’t have to be a $2,000 Rolex watch worn by a famous rapper with diamonds in the middle.  It can be a unique watch that compliments your style which defines that you value time very seriously.  Glasses gives you that intelligent look which can make your outfit as well as your personality stand out even more.  For example, big bold glasses from the average outsider displays you have a bold personality and you are a courageous person.  People may view you as a very confident person.
Over time I learned you can be well groomed by using simple techniques in the most effective ways.  Most people evaluate you by appearance and perfecting your package design in a unique way can give you a great first impression.  Watch your budget and don’t be afraid to go into stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or even shop online to help you save money.


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