Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bargain Shopping By Mel

I know a lot of clones who try to keep up with the Jones will spend any amount of money to impress the next person.  Their priorities are out of order because their mental capacity is program from the media on the latest trends in fashion to their favorite celebrity tattoos or if they have the same immaculate vehicle that Jay-Z is driving thinking maybe they can attract their own Queen B.   Just by observing their outside appearance alone can be deceiving.  When you spend more than you can save your financial freedom is in jeopardy.  However, brothers don’t understand the difference between “Short-term attractions” versus “Long-term attractions.”  Here are a few examples,

·        Short-term attraction:  2015 BMW 428i Convertible, immaculate vehicle with a whopping car note along with full coverage insurance, vehicle cost $48,750.  Will attract beautiful superficial females who want more than just a ride but also a full dining meal on a regular basis, which puts you further in debt and added pressure to spend more of your hard earn money just to keep them.


·        Long-term attraction:  2005 Acura TL fully loaded for only $7,000 or even less at a car auction.  Trusty mechanic already confirm its reliable transportation.   No need to finance because you have enough money to purchase this vehicle at wholesale value.  No car note with decent insurance.  Will still attract beautiful superficial females as well as independent women who are not after your pockets.

·        Short-term attraction:  Your favorite rapper Little Wayne’s tattoo is place on his chin.  You think it is a great idea to get a dragon tattoo on your chin which will make you stand out.  Fitting image to display in a bar scene or the club environment.  A few people within your circle or those who look up to you may get a tattoo place on their chin courtesy of Little Wayne.  To make matters worse you’re not able to get the dream job you want base on your tattoo.


·        Long-term attraction:  You want a tattoo with substance, a deep meaning to express yourself not because some famous celebrity has one.  You did some research on the tattoo you desire and since you go to the gym on a consistent basis it makes sense to place it on your muscular arm.  This elevates your confidence as well as your physical attraction among women and furthermore if your dream job is strictly professional no worries just throw on a long sleeve shirt.

In order to become a producer you have to save and strategize on how you spend your money to reach your goal.  You can still look presentable without going overboard with your funds; you can still maintain transportation with a decent looking vehicle.  Instead of going to the mall you can shop online to get discounts on the same items.  You can maintain a reasonable quality of life economically and still look good.

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