Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Attack of the Clones, Brothers Be Yourself By Mel

Yes, this is very true.  Brothers who violate this rule prove that they are insecure within themselves.  They worry about what the next brother is wearing, how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, etc.  Meanwhile their mind is fixated on you and wonders why your format is not the same as theirs.  Why are you not following the latest trend in fashion?  Why are you not driving the latest car?  This makes me sick to my stomach.  If you come across one of these “Clones” do not panic, get nervous or be embarrassed.  Instead their opinion of you should be irrelevant because deep down inside they wish they WERE you. Let me explain, a “Clone” is a person who does not have a mind of their own. Within this cultural landscape he will follow his flock of sheep and they are not hard to find.  Just go to the latest club, take a walk downtown or even look out your window. For example, Little Trey may wear skinny jeans with his pants hanging off his ankles displaying his dirty draws just because he seen Little Wayne on the BET Awards promoting this style.  If someone who is influential to you jumps off the cliff would you jump off the cliff?  Do not replicate what someone else is doing.  Continue to be your own man, stay unique, and challenge the latest trend.  If you rather drive a “bucket” as your transportation to save money for something more important versus paying a high car note more than your rent shows that you do not want to be in debt.  If you wake up and decide to wear blue timberland boots compare to everyone else wearing tan timberland boots shows that you have your own style.  This displays leadership qualities and the oil to your engine is confidence.  These two elements combine together makes you stand out in the world because you are not a carbon copy like everyone else.   

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  1. This was so refreshing to read. I am one that follows my own format and others should realize that it is okay to do that. Don't feel like you have to be like anyone but yourself. I like the term you used, Clones. So many people are clones and don't even now it. People need to read this and stop being Clones. Live your life with confidence and you will not have to be a follower.