Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why Desperate Nice Guys Finish Last? By Mel

Women always say they want a nice guy.  One who is stable, faithful, have a great sense of humor.  One who will spend an abundance amount of money on them.  However, after evaluating some of these relationships most women show they would rather be with a thug or a bad guy and here’s the reason why.  Clingy men are very insecure with a voluminous persona that screams “thirsty” by their actions.  Women are more observant then men so when they notice this type of behavior it translates to them that they are a pushover even though they treat them like a queen.  Women respect men who are confident, ambitious and most importantly one who does not tolerate drama even if she is extremely beautiful.  Most men subconscious are image driven which unfortunately allows certain women to get anything they want based on their gorgeous looks.  Desperate nice guys fall into these traps because they believe the more they spoil as well as accept drama from these women that they will gravitate towards them.  Instead the opposite occurs which pushes a woman away to a man who shows he has a backbone and one who lives his life the way he wants to live it without anyone’s approval or validation.  A man of this caliber garners respect; he understands that a pretty face does not mean a pretty heart.  A secure confident man knows that a positive quality woman will put in just enough effort into their relationship and he will not expect anything less from her.  If not, then he can easily replace her with another quality woman knowing that men such as him nearly exist in this day in age.   If this is you chasing after a queen then you must change your mindset from being a servant.

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