Monday, November 3, 2014

Power Voting, and what it means to you By Mel

Unfortunately, those who do not vote thinking their voice will not be heard become mute in the whole process of American democracy.  This allows the opposing point of view to retain power to create policies that may not benefit you.  Ironically, some of the most well-rounded, educated people I know will refuse to vote.  Instead, they complain about investments not being distributed to the right areas in this country.  Some people I know will wait in line for food stamps or other governmental aid not knowing their poor decision of not voting is a “silent partnership” created by both parties.  One who may cut YOUR benefits while the other is at home watching mindless television which means; they approved their quality way of life to be determined by someone else who they may disagree with.  For example, if you lost your job more than likely you may support an extension of unemployment benefits, however for some insane reason you refuse to vote for the candidate who supports your idea chances are you may give his opponent a slight victory, one who may eliminate unemployment benefits.     Strategically, not voting gives the power holder more power.  Power is defined as the ability to bring about fulfillment of one’s desires and needs.  The dominant society or those who are elected by the majority uses power mechanisms to run governments, private corporations, religious and social institutions.  Those who are in power love the fact that certain people are not in tune with politics, they understand that politics is the process that typically decides who shall have what benefits in life.  Usually, those who have political power have economic power as well.  It is very important to get involved because a decisive vote can put a political candidate who voices your point of view in office.  There is no limited potential to tilt economic resources, your beliefs and interest in your favor but a lack of action will allow the status quo to remain in power.   

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  1. Excellent! Now go vote before the polls close!