Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Thirst is Real By Mel

Does he constantly text you every five minutes?  Gets jealous if other guys are looking at you?  Focus all his attention on you and has nothing else going on in his life?  When you first met him did he call you “shorty,” “babe” or pinch your arm in the club and try to arm drag you over?  Did he instant message you countless times in your Facebook account?  These are red flags you need to look out for.  Many women fall into these traps because at first they want a stable relationship.  A true man would want other men to look at his woman and admire her.  It should be a compliment that other men want what they cannot have.  He should have his own goals in which will propel you both to the next level instead of just focusing all his attention on you.  He should approach you in a gentlemen way by asking you what is your name and if you decline then respectfully move on to the next woman who is interested in him.  Be careful women, these men are wolves in sheep clothing only looking for one thing.  The thirst is real, be careful not to give them one sip.

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