Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is History Repeating Itself? By Mel

In his first interview with ABC News Officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michal Brown said he is not tormented by that fateful encounter in suburban St. Louis last summer.  How can someone fear for their life when they are fully armed?  Why didn’t the officer use other means to settle the dispute instead of taking a life?  When the Ferguson grand jury has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michal Brown violent riots begin to occur.  You can’t make sense out of chaos especially in this case.   The mass media is covering all angles to a city inflamed with outrage as they attempt to challenge the system to obtain justice.  What’s worse is announcing the verdict at 8:30PM by Prosecutor Attorney Robert McCulloch was foolish knowing the outcome would be controversial will put businesses, children, young adults and the elderly in danger from rioters.  Those who are in power who commit these actions to non-power individuals must be held accountable.  This officer clearly uses a deadly weapon with excessive force claiming he was in fear of his life.  How?  You have a Sig Sauer .40-caliber gun with a maximum of 13 bullets.  Is history truly repeating itself?  Is this George Zimmerman the sequel?  Clearly we as a nation still have a problem when it comes to minority communities and police officers.  Too many times this occurs in Black communities where we feel our voice is not heard.   This incident peeled off the Band-Aid to an already flesh wound which needs tremendous healing and puts racial disparity back on how police force is carry out in high tension situations.  I, myself was Michael Brown at one point earlier in life when I was mistaken for someone else who shot someone.  When they realized that I was not the suspect they apologize and let me go but it left this awkward feeling of not trusting police officers.  I feel that this case should be reexamined.  My prayers and condolences goes out to the family.    


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