Monday, November 3, 2014

Can I get some whine with my government cheese? By Vaughn James

On the eve of the next national election, I would like to emphasize the importance of voting.  Now I don’t write this to scrutinize the life choices many of us that are lower income.  Everyone at some time in their life will need a help up. I am old enough to know what government cheese and free lunch is. But instead, to highlight a discouraging trend. The trend is folks who need to vote, do it the least and complain the most. So, let me explain. If you receive section 8, food stamps, WIC, housing, job training, Medicare, VA benefits, free lunch for your kids, etc., you should be voting on Nov, 4th. If we don’t vote in mass, the other party will be taking over and they are not the biggest fans of social programs.  In 2008, we voted in record numbers to elect the first black President. We let him down in 2010 when many of us stayed home and allowed the Tea Party to make his presidency hell. If you don’t vote this election, many of the programs that you and your family rely on will be reduced or eliminated. Many have died and suffered to give you the opportunity to vote. PLEASE GO TO THE POLLS.

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