Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 3 Stooges By Mel


There are 3 different types of men that women are attracted to. There's the nice guy, the one that every so-call women wants but end up leaving or cheating on him, then there's the bad guy in which women don't want but gravitate towards and the nice guy with a backbone the combination between the 2.  Let's analyze each one shall we.
The nice guy, you know...the one who brings flowers everyday, the one who constantly splurge on his woman, the one who puts his woman on a pedestal. To simply put it this typical man is average and WEAK. Edgy, strong-minded women like a challenge and a man who respectfully puts them in their place. Sadly, the nice guy has the fear of losing this woman that it makes him become clingy, insecure and therefore tolerate any drama from his woman. His woman is aware of this behavior knowing that she can use, abuse and cheat on him with no consequences involve. She KNOWS that he will do everything in his power not to lose her and since he is so predictable this in turn does not provide a challenge to her. Next thing you know she's out hop scotching and looking for the next bad guy to do her thing with and the poor nice guy don't understand why.
Now the bad guy...the thug loving, cheating, non-ambitious brother has a bench full of women and his star player. His woman knows he's a player and even caught him multiple times sleeping with different women.  He verbally/physically abuses, visits his second home on a regular basis (jail or his first baby mama's house) and this woman stays loyal to him even though she complains on how she is being mistreated. She wants a nice guy but settle for less, why?  Because he's a challenge, don't tolerate drama and he has plenty of options to replace her. This woman likes the challenge that she can CHANGE him into a nice guy but the true secret remains that he can only change HIMSELF.   He will continue to call her out her name and cheat on her while she claims she's his ride and die chick for life.
Out of all 3 of these men the last one, the nice guy with a backbone is the best of both worlds. He's nice to his woman but he will not tolerate drama and if she decides to test him he can easily replace her. He does not verbally/physically abuse her but instead shows emotional control. He is very secure and even encourage his woman to go out without spying on her. He respectfully disagrees with her and normally doesn't have to ALWAYS splurge on his woman to show her that he cares. Hell his woman splurge on him because she values him.  This is a man who is above average, ambitious and knows what he wants. He understands that there has to be a balance and he will not allow his woman to walk all over him. He understands the ratio of women to men is 10 to 1 and how the old saying goes it's hard to find a good man out there. Remember that.

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