Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Minority Superheros are needed By Mel

I have to admit that Batman is my favorite comic book superhero of all time.  The man is intelligent and unlike other heroes does not have any superpowers constantly outsmarting his foes.  But imagine if he was a minority.  Will American Society view him as a legend or a role model?  I bring this topic up because a few years ago a controversial issue occurred when creator Brian Michael Bendis who created a Black/Hispanic teenager name Miles Morales who donned the Spiderman suit came under attack.  Brian was inspired by President Barack Obama and actor Danny Glover to have a non-white superhero that minorities can look up to.  One where we can relate to.  However this character gained mix reaction from the mainstream media.  Lou Dobbs a conservative pundit was outraged that a biracial kid replace the original Spiderman.  Little does he know that this character can be a role model for little Trey and his peoples who can provide a positive message.  One where every Halloween they tell their parents to go to Party City to purchase the Miles Morales Spiderman suit overlooking Ironman and others.  This was not our first rodeo because truthfully one of the first black superheroes before Brian's Spiderman was The Falcon who was Captain America's sidekick and had little name recognition.  The Falcon's abilities were pretty impressive as he had the capability to control a Falcon and had mechanical wings attached to his back but sadly that’s all he had and was not in the trenches getting down and dirty like the badass Captain America.  All the Falcon did was follow orders, swoop in and swoop out.  Ironically, African Americans fought in every known American war that you can think of however the focus was always on The Cap during the 1960s.  This was during the civil rights era which brings me to today's society which is changing due to the political landscape.  It's more diverse, more technologically advance and more acceptable.  Hell, as Brian mention we even have a Black president along with women in very powerful positions.  So the question goes back to why are there not enough minority superheroes?  Does society as a whole want more kids to look up to minorities?  Do they want the entertainment field to be truly equal?  Some of the biggest blockbuster movies like “The X-Men", "The Dark Knight", and of course “Superman" were all huge mega hits. Beyond their movie status they cross over to cartoons and TV abroad.  Actors who portray these roles gain plenty of name recognition, financial status, books pertaining to their careers, etc.  Clearly we had a good run, "Blade" who was portrayed by Wesley Snipes A.K.A. Nino Brown gave us little hope.  Here are some of the issues with our current minority heroes just to name a few.

  • Wesley Snipes Blade was extremely violent and not kid friendly
  • The Falcon was Captain America’s Robin to Batman and never got the recognition he deserve
  • Black Green Lantern play the back character to the ever popular Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern who was white.
  • The War Machine Sadly still lives in the shadows of Ironman.

Just with these few examples I think the World is ready to put the spotlight on more minority superheroes.

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