Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Generation needs to Generate Real Hip-Hop By Mel


Is Hip-Hop the new Disco?

Yes this was me, part of me would like to relive these moments because Hip-Hop in the beginning was so inspirational.  It was quality over quantity, passion over money and lord so many diverse styles you can choose from. For example, if you were into politics you more than likely would connect to Public Enemy who is known for their politically charged lyrics.  Groups such as X-Clan who affiliated their tone of style to Afrocentric themes or the Great KRS One who was very educational in his rhymes.  If you were more into street life your primary icons would include: Rakim, Kool G. Rap and Big Daddy Kane.  These were cassette tapes waiting for your Walkman or boom box to insert them in to.  There were no publicity stunts, just hard work combine with determination just to be heard.  Those who wanted to make it in the industry had to provide at least 4 elements to gather attention which is highly lacking in today’s Hip-Hop industry.
  • Passion- Let’s face it, if you are not passionate about music then it will become a chore in which you hate doing.  Yes paper chasing is great but if you don’t have the drive to make incredible music then do us a favor and please stop. You must have the drive to WANT to do it and not FORCE to do it.

  • Creativity- Back then, to separate yourself from the rest of the pack all MC’s had different styles.  From their words to the way they dress.  For example Das Efx quick syllable format to Nas conversational rap style.  This is highly missing from the game today because every MC sound the same as if they are ALL related to each other. 

  • Being consistent-, Too many MC’s are one hit wonders which begs the question why did you waste our time making FAKE music and creating GREAT music?

  • Self-Educated- MC’s today are mostly nursery rhymers.  It’s pretty sad when a person can predict what the next word an MC is going to say because they do not have extensive vocabulary. This equals less reading, more followers and oversaturated music.  When was the last time you heard an MC rap about something educational?  Some people within this generation are craving for some hard substance.  Yes, it is easy to brag about money, women, clothes but challenge yourself to talk about current issues, think outside the box.

So is Hip-Hop the new Disco or will it cross over to something even bigger?  It’s up to this generation to decide which direction it will take.  With chaos in the world today Hip-Hop can be an educational tool to inform people on issues they don’t even discuss in school.  Hip-Hop can really get the respect it deserves like all other genres.     

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