Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is Ebola Equivalent to the Walking Dead? By Mel

Media Frenzy

This is not the Walking Dead but it sure feels like it.  This controversial subject pertaining to this disease provides high ratings for AMC juggernaut show but in reality it is terrifying.  Emerging networks are reminding the public to make sure you have your hand sanitizers and gloves available.  The media is constantly informing the public to mind their surroundings.  In the Walking Dead graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman the seed was planted yet unexplained to this outbreak.  No one was quarantined; in addition the government reacted slowly to contain this virus which had dire consequences for the rest of society.  All were infected which resulted in no computer or government structure.  People who came in direct contact with a carrier or a mindless “Walker” flesh eating zombies had to use caution because if bitten the same result will occur.  It was a combination of “Y2K” with today’s environmental threat “Ebola.”  Parallel to our world this disease is spread only through direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected symptomatic person or a person who has died from Ebola.  Sadly, those who are panic stricken are not educated enough on how to properly prevent the spread of this disease.  According to Huffington Post, “NJ health officials say a woman who arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport from West Africa has tested negative for Ebola in a preliminary evaluation.”  Some people believe the “Gatekeepers” are using fear mongering to increase ratings.  Here are a few examples;
  • 2004, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) a viral respiratory disease which began in Guangdong province of China.  Ironically, there is still no cure for this disease and yet the media does not cover it strongly like it used to.

  • 2005, Bird flu also known as the avian influenza after first appearing in Asia.  This was common within the United States because people fear it was airborne causing people to buy less chicken.

  • 2009, Swine flu also called pig flu which is transmitted from pigs to humans.  This is why I eat little or no pork at all. 

  • 2012, the end of the World, there was even a crappy movie made about this natural disaster.   Terrible reviews along with terrible actors.  

The Walking Dead is the most watched drama show on basic cable because this event transcends popular culture.  The ability to relate today’s society environmental concerns which magnifies the possibility of a high level outbreak gives you an idea what could happen if people are not well educated.  Little Trey does not have the same survival instincts as Rick in the post zombie apocalypse world but he does have the ability to inform himself.  In a heterogeneous diverse nation, the concept of audio/visual providing people with entertainment and education can get misconstrued.  Those who do not know the difference will eventually allow the media to influence their lives with the thought of Ebola spreading to extreme levels like it did in The Walking Dead.


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