Saturday, October 4, 2014

People Need a Reality Check By Mel

Here’s a few on the list that I’m sure you heard of; “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta”, “Love and Hip-Hop NY”, “Big Brother” and “The Real World” are just a few reality shows that have a strong impact on this generation today.  These are mostly negative images on how the media portray how people should behave towards each other in relationships and other forms of communications.  Part of the reason why these shows from the mid-90s till now are hugely popular is because celebrities understand no publicity equals any reputation equals not famous equals no money.  Another reason why the media invest so much into reality shows is because they are low budget.   Not enough substance along with a positive message are not display on TV and without parental guidance Little Trey will think it is okay to verbally abuse his woman.  On the opposite side of the spectrum girls will be influence and attracted to these types of boys.  For example reality shows such as “For the Love of Ray J” which is based on one R&B artist having multiple females throwing themselves at him at the same time while he looks for that one woman which is a load of crap.  Some of these women went as far as putting themselves down and disrespecting each other.  To make it even worse the woman he chose at the end of the show he ended up not being with her.  It was just a way to get his name and music out there even though it became the norm to have a bench full of women fighting to be his star player who he never had an interest in.  He selfishly cares about his name recognition and the show itself was just a marketing strategy.  This translates to girls these days that go after the man that EVERY one wants despite the fact that he is a player.  Sadly they preach they want a good man but instead go after the bad men and part of that reason can be base off media influences on audiences especially reality shows.  Another reality show which takes it to a whole other level is “The Bad Girls Club” where beautiful women physically abuse themselves, backstabbing each other and degrading their self-esteem.  These young girls look up to these woman on “Bad Girls Club” and mostly fight over men who are using them, don’t appreciate good things that people do for them, have low self-esteem and assume that exposing their bodies will get them far in life where in turn it sends out the wrong signal and multiple men who view them as sex objects.

A real woman has goals in life and don’t need to expose her body.

A real woman won’t let herself go and won’t settle for less.

A real woman knows how to communicate without resulting to violence.

A real woman understands that she is the ONE and ONLY star player to her man.

That is why it is extremely important to have parental guidance and apply media literary to the youth so they can filter this garbage and replace it with some positive substance.  My daughter is 10 years old and if we are home we mostly watch educational programs such as the “History” channel or “Disney”.  Gone are the days with humor and substance such as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “The Cosby Show” “Full House” hell even cartoons back then had a strong positive message towards the end of a program.  GI-Joe, a cartoon show with a patriotic theme provided a good message towards the end of every show reminding kids not to do drugs and solve issues without violence.  However, reality shows these days don’t even take the time to show young people how to solve problems in a systematic way to lessen the conflict.  Jim Jones a rapper name after the craze pastor in the 70s who appeared on “Love and Hip NY” literary threaten a man’s life just because he side talk about him.   His woman Christy applaud him for doing this behavior and even though they have been with each other for years he was not ready for commitment so SHE took it beyond herself to propose to him.  What’s wrong with this picture?  First of all strong emotional control is a strong characteristic of a true man.  You don’t go around slapping every man out there just because he talks negative about you.  Second, a man who has been in a relationship with a woman for years should NOT have his woman propose to him, it should be HIM proposing to HER.  Third, a woman who applauds this kind of behavior doesn’t understand the essence of a good man.  She has this false illusion that this displays protection to act violently towards people where as a real man can solve issues with patience and communication.

 Real MEN don’t let their emotions control them

Real MEN don’t complain about life not going their way, they take action in a positive light and work towards their goal.

Real MEN welcome haters because they understand if no one is “hating” or looking up towards them then they are doing nothing with their life.
What makes it worse is that these celebrities on these reality shows portray alcohol and drugs as an excuse to behave the way they are.  For example if Little Wayne appear on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta drinking multiple shots, pants hanging down to his knee caps, doo rag on with one eye patch and swearing at people in a night club then you can expect his followers without media literacy to be influence to behave in this manner.  It is time as parents to begin raising their kids and not allow these crappy reality shows to do their responsibilities.

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  1. Great topic.. we shouldn't view TV as anything other than entertainment. If u wanna see young ladies act a fool...walk outside your door or through the mall. Cosby tried to paint a picture of what families should look like BUT the creators of Good Times gave us a clearer view. However...we, the parents, are to take control of how our kids view the world. It's starts with us.