Sunday, October 12, 2014

Natural Medicine is the Way to Go By Mel

Before I started working for ConnectiCare, I was the type of person who never took care of myself and didn’t give a damn about my body.  Most people relied on CVS, Rite Aid, etc., but my natural pharmacist I’d mostly relied on was my grandmother because she was very knowledgeable with herbal remedies and would use them to her advantage to substitute prescription drugs.  She was very helpful knowing that I have a combination of Asthma and allergies so you can imagine what I had to go through over the years while growing up.  I’d rarely visit the doctor; barley had enough time to relax, always stress out and when my daughter came into this world, more pressure was applied for me to remain healthy.  I recalled when I had nasal congestion and my grandmother provided me with hot peppermint tea which acts as a decongestant.  This contains mild anti-bacterial constituents.  Now she may be old fashion, but these natural remedies are ancient.  These days, Herbal Medicine is marketed differently across the world and has been proven it can work since the dawn of time.  How many in this class have ever used herbal remedy as a treatment? 

Have you ever seen those late night commercials such as Lipitor or Crestor explaining in colorful details on how great their medication can heal your body?  However, detail in smaller fonts at the bottom of your screen reads, side effects may include diarrhea, constipation, and flu like symptoms and sometimes even death.  Have you ever notice there are more unhealthy vendors within your neighborhood compare to healthy vendors?  For example, there’s a clutter of fast food restaurants marketing the dollar menu campaign whereas you will be lucky enough to find one organic health store within a 20 mile radius.  I will discuss with you three common essential oils and how to use them effectively, let’s begin with Aroma Therapy.

  • Aroma Therapy:  Therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being.  It is sometimes used in combination with massage and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach.  One common Aroma Therapy technique that is used quite often is Essential Oils:

  • Lavender Plant- Is a heavily branched short shrub that grows to a height of roughly 60 centimeters (about 24 inches). Its broad rootstock bears woody branches with upright, rod like, leafy, green shoots.  The name Lavender is derived from the Latin verb lavare, meaning “to wash,” and lavender was widely used by the Romans for laundry and bathing. (Essential oil is extracted from the fresh flowers of the lavender plant and used for medicinal purposes in a variety of different ways, here’s a list just to give you an idea what it is used for; depression, chiropractic manipulation;) Uses: Lavender Herb, Essential Oil: commonly used for insect repellent, fragrance in cosmetics, inhalation therapy to treat headaches and nervous disorders, relief of pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, muscular aches and pain.

According to a 2011 article posted by The University of Maryland Medical Center a study found that lavender oil may improve pain control after surgery. Fifty patients undergoing breast biopsy surgery received either oxygen supplemented with lavender oil or oxygen alone. Patients in the lavender group reported better pain control than patients in the control group.  This is further proof that Aroma Therapy is mentally, physically and spiritually excellent for your health if used properly.  However, just because it’s natural does not mean it is safe.  Here are some of the side effects it may cause.  Potential dangers associated with the use of lavender oil are:  Allergic reactions: Symptoms include nausea, headaches, chills and vomiting after inhaling the scent or allowing the essential oil to absorb into the skin. 

Bruce Horovitz mention in an article published in USA Today in May, 2011 that there are close to 14,000 McDonald franchise across the United States compares to 1,300 Whole Food Stores?  When you eat too much fast food it increases your cholesterol level which can lead to heart health complications.  Lack of nutrition can cause physical and mental effects such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health problems.  Instead of relying on fast food and beverages you can start your day with a veggie/fruit drink with a mixture of apples, cabbage and celery which contains vitamins A, C and high in natural sodium- not the artificial type poured from the saltshaker.  Also a high protein meal not only fuels your muscles, but also your brain.  Research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich) discovered that a meal that is higher in protein, where protein and carbohydrates were fairly equal, allowed students to perform significantly better on various cognitive and memory tests (Pena, 207.)  Natural medicine is just as good as or even better than prescription medicine.  However, if you want to live even a longer life you must do your part meaning put down the Happy Meals and avoid fast process foods.

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