Why Do Women Have A HARD Time Trusting Men? By Mel

Relationships are hard and ALL couples have disagreements.  Some women feel there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.  Other women are scared so much from their past relationship that they tend to let it drag into their new one which can cause a lot of problems.  When this occurs, most women are so bruised and batter from the last relationship that they end up sabotaging something good with a faithful, positive man.  For women who had experience heartache and pain and finally obtain a loyal man but don’t know how to treat him is what I call the “Cinderella Syndrome.”  By definition, a man who a woman vision as their knight in shining armor coming to rescue them.  Once the man wins the woman’s heart she then begins to not trust him.  The four main rules in a relationship are having trust in God, don't lie, don't cheat and don't make promises you can't keep.  This generation tends to forget these unwritten rules because unfortunately, a combination of the media and no real man in their life displayed characteristics of a faithful man.  There are a lot of emotional crutches as well because if a woman is not communicating with their partner on a consistent basis that is also a red flag.  Breaking down the distinctions between the media and negative associates is important to know.

·         Negative Media Codes Feed Creates Mistrust

Reality VH1 TV shows and today’s generational music especially Hip-Hop and R&B mostly promote unfaithful men.  For example, Chris Brown who is an American songwriter did a song titled “Famous Girl” which was pretty popular displays adulterous lyrics such as, “I might have cheated in the beginning I was wrong for writing “Disturbia” but I meant it in “Forever” we were supposed to be together.”  With heavy rotation on the radio station, this sort of message is played over and over again through different communication channels.  Music videos and radio stations through mass media can influence a weak-minded woman to be non-trustworthy of men. 

·         Birds of a Feather Flock Together

A woman who is not aware of her surroundings can sometimes get certain ideas from men bashers.  A woman’s close friend who has been hurt from a variety of cheating men because she was unaware of red flags can pass misinformation to her girlfriend.  This may cause confuse thought process meaning she may think the unfaithful man is good and the faithful man as too good to be true.  This creates a vicious cycle where she gets hurt over and over again based on her friend’s endorsement towards jerks based and her past experiences.  To end this pain she must become strong-minded and realize not ALL men are bad and she must replace her negative friends with positive ones.