Monday, November 2, 2015

Power Controls Everything By Mel

Power is defined as, the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.  Wealth, power and politics have always been intertwined by some Whites to keep Blacks and other minorities from living a comfortable life.  Reverend Doctor John L. Selders, Jr. an ordained minister, who serves the United Church of Christ, has a great understanding of institutionalized power holders.  Black lives truly matter.  However, sometimes systemically that is not always the case.  That fateful encounter of Officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michal Brown changed Bishop John Selders, Jr.’s life.  When the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson in the shooting death of Michal Brown a strong sense of racial cohesion among Blacks and Browns was encourage to resist police brutality.  Bishop John Selders, Jr. argued that the Second Amendment should be eliminated completely and no one should have the right to bear arms.  In addition he said secondary schools should assign media classes to educate Blacks and minorities.  The mainstream media sometimes will frame a group as mentally unstable.  For example, Fox News may label Bishop John Selders, Jr. and Black Lives Matter a racist group to their base where as Black Lives Matter is an activist movement against racial discrimination and black poverty.  Within my generation some take politics lightly not knowing that their voice is voiceless which allows some Whites to continue to create abundant wealth towards their group.  This furthers widens the gap between the rich and the poor.  The dominant society or those who are elected by the majority uses power mechanisms to run governments, private corporations, religious and social institutions.  Those who are in power love the fact that certain people are not in tune with politics, they understand that politics is the process that typically decides who shall have what benefits in life. 

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