Monday, November 16, 2015

Income Inequality Towards Women By Mel

One of my favorite shows on TV, “Boardwalk Empire,” which was broadcast on HBO, shows examples of wealth and inequality towards women.  The series is set during the Prohibition period of the 1930s.  Most women accepted their financial status low compared to their male counterparts.   However, some women’s suffrage groups urged Congress to pass legislation to support equal pay.  Fast forward to 2015, women play a critical role in the workforce today but they still do not reap the rewards as men today.  Ana Radelat mentioned in her article, “Connecticut women victims of pay gap” that “According to 2012 Census figures, the median annual salary, for all occupations for a man in Connecticut was $47,887, while a woman earned $37,483.”  Wealth remains concentrated and rigidly locked in the hands of men due to wealth and politics.  This generation has single mothers carrying the burden to support their families.  For example, a single mother working at Walmart making $11.00 an hour will be stagnated for a very long time.  For one, she has to work overtime hours to supply her children with the necessities to survive.  Consequently, overtime hours equals less quality time with her kids.  Unless she is on Section 8 or has some alternative supportive system, her family will lag farther behind.  Medical bills, less affordable housing and transportation can have a huge negative impact on a struggling mother’s financial status.  Fair distribution of wealth and income among women will reduce debt among Single mothers and families alike.  The key is political power.

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