Monday, April 27, 2015

The Journey Continues (Part One) By Mel

This was a very challenging project to do because I feel society in general allow single mothers to have more governmental assistance and support than single fathers.  The first thing I decided to do was to post a few blogs on to arrange a couple of meetings for my project based on how single fathers raise their children.  This arrangement was made for residential and non-residential fathers to discuss what they are going through.  A great friend of mine who I met through theater had some experience with creating flyers.  We exchange contact information and he made a few flyers for me that I’d post around Middletown.  This method I understand is the old school way of marketing as well as word of mouth to get active single fathers to attend my upcoming meeting.  The various outlets I went to such as “The Russell,” located in Hartford and “Cloud Nine” allowed me to share more information about my upcoming event.  The reason why I chose these circuits was because I knew some within this audience fit the criteria I was looking for.  The Russell advertises open mic poetry every Monday night displaying many talented people who express their pain they are going through in life.  This was the perfect opportunity because some of these poets I heard expressed the drama they go though as being single fathers.  This attracted me more to go to events like these to reach out to more people and tell them there are many other fathers like you in the same position.  Truthfully, I explained to every person who was interested that I do not have all the answers but I want this as a continual thing to come up with solutions.  I encouraged them to show the world that single fathers do exist.  My blogs contain inspiring words to single fathers out there and each time I posted it on social media my readership numbers have increase.  For example, on Facebook I have over 1,000 friends and every blog I posted I would tag them all for them to read my thoughts.  This way my 1,000 associates share my page with others which had increase my audience ten times fold.  This is what I call the new digital word of mouth because if people agree with your point of view they will advertise for you.  The next step I did was going to the library to create a consent form.  A consent form allows me to publish their words in whatever form is appropriate for my single father meeting project.  This was important because active single fathers are an understudy group and I wanted their permission to share some of the struggles they are going through.

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