Sunday, December 14, 2014

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility By Mel

Being a father who is involved in my daughter’s life is extremely important.  However both parents have to be there to raise their child in what is known as the “Electronic Age.”  Years ago when it was less technology our minds were more “typographic” meaning we read more books.  Words can foster the analytic management of knowledge compare to today’s electronic mind using tablets to scroll down to check their latest news feed on their Facebook page.  Even in the poorest ghetto the minimum standard electronic device in their home the “TV,” is a fast-paced and open admission to everything with no cognitive, physical, economic or imaginative restraints.  Sadly this reduces the traditional distance between children and adults.  Strong parents are now competing with Little Trey’s favorite TV show “Power,” which provides an authentic feel to the environment he is so used to; a show that also provides Little Trey an alternative view on how he should behave and socialize with others.  To make things even worse, parents are now facing media sexual contents.  Sure they have parental guidance on their Direct TV/Comcast remote control but that is not enough with the marketplace so overloaded with this sort of crap on any electronic device you can think of.  For instance Miley Cyrus formally known as “Hannah Montana” may perform a twerk or two in a very sexual way which may encourage children to behave in that same manner because they look up to her.  According to a source of information about sex (1998) 30% was learn from TV versus 7% from parents, 3% was from formal sex education in school.  This is the modern day Matrix in which our children are so accustom to. The idea of childhood disappears and evolves towards adulthood very quickly if we as parents don’t step in.  Does not matter if you are divorce, separate or together, it is critical to have both parents on the same page which is the best way to overcome these obstacles.

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  1. Such true statements. Children need stability and guidance from both parents. Great ��