Saturday, November 1, 2014

Watch Out, There are Crazy Women Out There By Mel

When communication is cut off the chit chatter in some relationships can turn into a mix batter.  Physical abuse towards men is not a myth; although a man is physically stronger than a woman there are those who use extreme violence as a way to control their relationship.  Normally the way society is structure is that men are raise to have a shell shock exterior, less conversational in exchange for more action and train not to show emotions or else they are label as soft.  Domestic violence towards men lack resources, men in these situations are embarrass to reach out, the rules of disengagement no longer exist.  Emotional control or having mutual respect for each other is thrown out the window.  Furthermore, certain women who find it challenging to engage with their partner in a calm manner instead replace it with rage which has a devastating effect on both parties especially if kids are involved.  According to The National Coalition of Domestic Violence, “men and boys are less likely to report the violence and seek services due to several challenges such as the stigma of being a male victim.”  The centerpiece to avoid this behavior I would say is to leave that particular woman, seek counseling and most importantly obtain a restraining order.   Little Trey has to be confident enough to acknowledge the fact that she needs serious help, pronto!  Too many men put up with this nonsense because they are shallow minded not knowing their worth.  Let me explain, a woman who does not value her man will continue to mistreat him, verbally and worse of all physically abuse him.  Men, if you are in this situation I have two words for you, LET GO.         

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