Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Discipline Your Child before they get out of Control By Mel

Why should Good Parents be Discipline to Discipline their Kids?
I can recall during my rebellious teenage years that I side talk my mother with no respect, no communication.  The argument was based on not wanting to clean my room which would have a profound impact on my life later on.  My mother did what I call the 5 step process.
  1. Look at me
  2. Left the room
  3. Came back with the belt
  4. Whoop my tail
  5. Left the room
It’s human nature for children to challenge authority even if rules are strictly applied.   Think about laws, federal regulations and policies to keep our society in order.  You cannot maintain order if you allow chaos to take over.  My chaotic attempts to disobey my mother had dire consequences which planted a seed in my head to follow her guidelines.  From her perspective as a Single mother, she was protecting me from the harsh inner-city environment.  Not only my mother but my late grandmother style of whooping was much more creative.  She would tell me to go out to the backyard, snap a branch, give it a name, and then bring it to her while I await my punishment.  Good old “Brownie the switch” was about to meet my little behind.  Every whooping provided a lesson for me to learn which I now carry to this day forward.  I am more aware of the unwritten rules in society, for example I know how to avoid most situations without resulting to violence.  The argument I mention earlier which pertained to cleaning my room made me a clean cut gentleman.  Usually, every two weeks I get my haircut, I constantly vacuum my floor, Ajax my shower to clear up any bacteria and ironically make up my bed every day before I go to work.  However, the law is ever so changing to the degree that a good tail whooping is categorize as being physical abuse.  These two entities are very different.
  • Whooping primary target was your bottom using soft objects with minimum or no marks.  Physical abuse target can range from anywhere including the face, head, and chest with hard objects leaving hideous scars, concussions or hospitalization.
  • Whooping time span are within minutes then you go off to your room knowing the punishment is over.  Physical abuse is spontaneous and can occur again even if the punishment is over or the authority figure needs to take his/her aggressive out on someone.
  • Whooping provides strict discipline and keeps your child out of trouble.  Physical abuse provides instability and trauma, due to this environment your child may get into trouble from negative influence.
Another reason why children get away with misbehavior is because parents view their child as their friend.  A child who is extremely young is provided with a smart cell phone which I feel is forcing a child to grow up even faster.  Consequences don’t exist when they show a lack of respect, instead they are rewarded for their bad behavior.  This is a constant problem in today’s society where as “Old School” parents understood that they had to bend the tree before it grows sturdy.  Handouts are given on a regular basis with no hard work involve, therefore Little Trey don’t have any appreciation for the good that people do for him.  Little Trey will talk back, get in school suspension and If you even think about whooping his little bottom he will call DCF (Department of Children and Families) on you.  I thank my mother and grandmother for my tail whooping back then…in theory it truly made me a BETTER man today. 

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